Monitor, Equipment for Safer Grain Storage

What equipment do you need and when?

As a minimum we recommend the following:

  • Carry out thorough pre-harvest CLEANING of buildings and equipment.  Try to leave stores empty for a period following cleaning.
  • MONITOR – place bait bags in empty stores to check for infestation problems.
  • FUMIGATE by high pressure spraying of walls and buildings the thermal fog for inaccessible areas.
  • DRY AND COOL grain as quickly as possible after harvest.
  • MONITOR – regularly check temperatures and place pitfall traps in grain

We stock a full range of product for your storage and ACCS requirements

Red TractorAssurance Matters…


Pitfall Traps
Pitfall TrapThese are highly effective for insect detection in stored grain.  Place in pairs, in a grid 5-6 metres apart, on surface and 8-15cms below surface, for easy visual insect check. Re-usable.

Now required for ‘longer term’ grain storage under Farm Assurance Schemes. 1 pack/200-300 tonnes of grain recommended.





Bait Traps
Bait TrapsAfter cleaning (and treating) store, strategically place and check traps weekly by shaking over white paper. Take remedial action if insects identified. Contains sterilized ‘nut-free’ grain insect attractant. Dispose after use.





Temperature Probes
Max ThermoWe offer a whole range of temperature probes for robust, accurate heat monitoring.







Moisture Meters
UnimeterEnable you to test moisture content within expected harvesting ranges for a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, rape, peas, beans, oats and linseed.
A comprehensive range of equipment is available to suit most budgets – well worth the investment to assist safe storage and to avoid costly rejections on sale.



Grain Spears
grain spearGrain spears offer a practical solution to determine moisture and temperature in bulk grainstores up to a depth of 2 metres.  We can supply Crop Sampling Spears of many different specifications; please let us know what you are looking for.



Sample Bags
Sample bagsSelf-seal sample bags with 3 write-on strips, for retaining samples at harvest and outgoing loads of grain.





RH Sensor

RH Sensor This is another “must have” item to enable you to gain a highly accurate recording of humidity levels in your grainstores in order to ensure that ventilation is right.





Pedestal Fan
Pedestal fanPedestal fans, to be used in conjuction with hot spot spears, come in a number of specifications.  Please call for further advice.






Hot Spot Spears
Hot Spot SpearsOur spears come with a heavy duty handle suitable for cereals (fan not included, see above).







Bat Stations
Bat Station
Rodenticide bait safety is becoming an increasingly important issue.  We supply some of the best equipped tamper resistant boxes that can be used in wide ranging applications using Wax Blocks, Water Baits & Grain Baits etc






Rodent Baits
RatA complete range of rodent baits is available; please call with your requirements.




Lights and Bulbs
light bulb