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Grainstore Cleaning & Fumigation

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Two people in orange hazmat suits cleaning a farm grain store

Grainstore Cleaning and Fumigation are important steps in maintaining an environment that minimises the risk of pest infestations and mould growth, which can severely impact the quality of the grains. 

Two people in orange hazmat suits cleaning a farm grain store

These processes are crucial in preserving the grain’s nutritional value and ensuring it remains free from contaminants. 

Early season cleaning and fumigation helps remove any pests and residual grains that may contaminate your grains. Without this process, you could be liable for much waste as well as financial losses.


Reduce disease risk from animal feed storage units
Person in hazmat suit fumigating a grainstore

DEFRA issued updated advice at the beginning of 2024 on the storage of animal feeds.

Following a survey in late 2023, the latest advice highlights the importance of cleaning animal feed storage areas, containers and equipment regularly and thoroughly to maintain healthy and productive animals, avoid unnecessary contamination and reduce the risk of disease on farms.

Regular cleaning of feed storage facilities – silos, floors, bays, bins – in advance of new feed deliveries is vital.  Remnants of old feed can become trapped in joints, grooves and crevices with the potential to remain in place for many years, causing feed spoilage and illness from mould and contaminants and reducing feed quality.

Person in hazmat suit fumigating a grainstore