Fumigation Service for Buildings and Stores

What does the B&W Services Team Do?

Our trained and licensed team apply a two stage process:

Step 1

A high pressure applicator is used to apply an even spray of insecticide to all surfaces.

Step 2

This is followed up with a thermal fogging to get into every inaccessible space.

Assurance Matters

Full documentation is provided for assurance scheme compliance.

When should you fumigate?

As with cleaning, it really does pay to get your stores fumigated as soon as you possibly can.  For really effective control grain weevil and other pests need to be exposed to a clean treated surface for as long as possible before re-filling the store to pick up a good dose of insecticide.  Filling quickly with grain after treatment merely provides them with a safe place to escape the effects of the insecticide!

What does it cost?

Please get in touch and we will be able to provide you with a quotation.

Organic Options Available